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Since beginning of october we have launched the crowdfunding campaign, opening the option to become a member, and at the same time a first crowdfunding that raise funds to develop the technology platform of immune health, an observational study online by Covid - 19 and support a clinical study that is being prepared in Catalonia.


It's been months since we warned that Covid-19 had succesful care with natural health compounds.
We already launched the immune support kit with quercetin, vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc, plus other vitamins and minerals. https://immunes.health/?page_id=44
Many things have happened in this time, particularly interesting are those that have been silenced by the focus of the big media. And the media and political narrative continues without changing.

They keep attacking our fundamental rights, affecting our economies, social relations and ways of life. And once they are installed in denial of therapeutic solutions and especially the role of immune defenses, political leaders and opinion creators, they will not correct their mistake by themselves, while large pharmaceutical and internet corporations are on their right,. pressuring to continue with more and more of the same.

While the generic Hydroxychloroquine was suffering from a media poisoning campaign and supposedly in the name of science, which led to it being banned or removed from therapies in North America and much of Europe, many doctors and researchers have been approaching theirs work,
studies and recommendations for the 4 natural compounds that mainly confirm the immune health kit.
Below we highlight some studies that have been coming out in recent months and some medical protocols for therapeutic treatment.

There are also a few clinical trials in progress, which incorporate the natural compounds we are talking about. In most cases there are still no results, but when they will be, even if they are positive we fear they will be silenced as it happened with many of the good news when there are no
big corporations interests behind it.We need to generate a movement that put together the recovery of independence in science, and health activism, to communicate what works and refuse to live in fear, lie and social isolation.

Now is the time to launch immune Health as a global cooperative to empower health professionals and citizens to retrieve together the central role that nature's wisdom held in science and that at
some point lost to those strategies ordered by large global corporations.
A space of collective intelligence, participation and online decision, to support independent
researchers and doctors, and to dynamise studies and clinical trials.

A practical tool to extend natural products that work and make them more affordable in any pocket.
We need to expand the participation now to give strength to the launch of this campaign. If you agree with the importance of immune Health and have some time or ideas, suggestions.. contact the
form: https://immunes.health/?page_id=32

Studies :

Structural stability of SARS-CoV-2 3 CLpro and identification of quercetin is an inhibitor by
experimental screening (with researchers from the University of Zaragoza and other countries)

Quercetin and Vitamin C: An Experimental, Synergistic Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment
of SARS-CoV-2 Related Disease (COVID-19)
Association of vitamin D with the modulation of the disease severity in COVID-19

Early Nutritional Interventions with Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D for Raising Anti-Viral
Resistance Against Progressive COVID-19
Therapeutic treatment medical protocols:
Math Hospital treatment protocol

Zelenko protocol
Covid 19 is not untreatable (A summary of therapies with the focus of natural therapies)


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