Lets use Quercetin

Having a healthy immune system is a necessary condition, but it may not be enough to avoid the effect of the virus. If there is enough viral load, you need extra nutritional and immune load to defend yourself. You have to eat well and ensure all the nutrients that the immune system needs  through food or supplements.This is where Quercetin is an ally from the first suspicion and symptoms. It is a powerful antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory and antiviral with a very wide degree of action, defense of the virus by several different mechanisms at the same time.

We have observed the combination of an artificial drug Hydroxychloroquine + C Vitamin + D vitamin + Zinc.  In the original research that has come to create Immunes Health we have foundthat quercetin, not only can do the same effect than Hydroxychloroquine but can offer a more broad multidimensional support to the needs of our bodies fighting Covid-19. With the adventage of being a natural compound, making it much more safer, it can be used long term, and can be accessible faster, without the need of a medical diagnostic, and obtaining it from food if needed.


Quercetin is a bioflavonoid present in many vegetables and fruits, although in most it is found in small amounts (see image)

Here is an article summarizing what it is https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/quercetin

  • As an antiviral, it prevents Sars-cov-2 from entering cells (inhibitor of the ACE2 protein through which the virus uses to enter the cells). Also inhibitor of other alternative routes of entry (see table in image of this post)
  • As an antiviral, it also prevents  from multiplying between cells (this as a Zinc ionizer just like the hydroxychloroquine .
  • It is anti-inflammatory to protect against cytokine storm (which is the main cause of death in young people)
  • It is a powerful antioxidant to defend the lungs from ARDS, the syndrome caused by sepsis is the main cause of death related to Covid-19.
  • One way how quercetin connects their antioxidant and antiinflammatory propierties is by the iron chelation activity, helping cells to recover the iron needed to do their oxigenation after inflamation has been creating an opposite effect with the ferritin process.

It is the only product with all these capabilities that can be obtained without a prescription and in time to not let mild symptoms become severe. Suggested at 500 mg per day in a healthy state and up to 2000 mg per day if you are sick.It is a good idea to take it with Vitamin C that helps in its absorption (between 1000 mg healthy and 10000 mg with heavy disease, and do not forget to also have food with Zinc or add 30 – 100 mg in supplement.

It is usually found in pharmacies, if they do not have it in stock you may ask for it and they will have it in less than 24 hours. If for whatever reason it’s out of stock or you don’t have access, you can search for red onions and other foods with Quercetin and calculate the amounts based on the previous image.

Red onions, apples and green pepper, some foods with quercetin

Check quercetin and other natural compounds scientific references here: http://immunes.health/?page_id=61

Let’s defend our immune system. Let us defend our personal and collective health, nobody can do better than us.