About Immunes Health. #NatureistheCure

Immunes Health is a citizen-empowered platform aiming for a collaboration between scientists, professionals and citizens in times of pandemic and to prepare for a healthier future.

This platform is being built in the form of a collaboration, all the participants will be shareholders and will have a voice in the decision process. From now on, you can become a member.

Listen some of our participants in this video

Our main goals;

- Share with citizens information on how to boost the immune system to further protect our health. Healthy nutrition and preventive medicine can have a much more important role in mitigating the pandemic.

- Research, distribute and test natural antiviral and anti-inflammatory compounds that can be taken as soon as first symptoms appear.

- Promote health commons as a way to ensure that natural products lead to unpatented drugs that protect our health and overcome illness with minimal cost.

For this reason we are already creating two concrete tools

  • A first kit of natural products that can be used as prevention and when first symptoms appear
  • A digital platform to host a collaboration space for all the participants.

Lets build a future where a pandemic will never happen again. Lets build Health Commons!

We believe that common based platforms not centered on private profit are a very important tool for research and to rediscover all the wisdom behind natural nutrients like vitamins, minerals and bioflavonoids, that can be found among the living matter of the Earth.

Garlic, onions, apples,... nature gifts with rich nutrients

That's how we want to support independent scientific research. Those that share these goals of analysis for the health of humanity.

Therefore we call to

- create a platform where independent professionals and laboratories share information with themselves and with all participants.

- each become testers of their research. Let's propose researches and look for doctors interested in leading them.

- crowdfund the expenses of the researches.

The plan will be:
- Now we are beginning to present the project and involve more people with different expertise onboard. Fill the "contact us" form to get in touch and begin to collaborate.

- In a few days we are going to launch a crowdfunding to cover the first expenses of the cooperative and to make us capable of producing and distributing Quercetin + vitamin C compounds at a cheaper price, and then sustain the project mainly on the distribution of such products as part of the suggested kit for Covid-19.

- In some weeks we will launch a social network decentralized platform, that will be called, social.immunes.health. We will facilitate participation there based on everyone needs.From then on any member will be able to contribute in the platform and share their ideas, proposals and self-organize...

Meanwhile, some plans for tests and trials with scientific involvement are also in the works, if you want to collaborate, mention it in the contact form!