Why a cooperative

A first reason for Immunes Health to be a cooperative, is the political one which already is explained in the existing texts. A cooperative allows everyone to have the same rights and participate in the main decisions as equals. We will appreciate the opinion of the experts in each area, but we will choose what to do, together.

In a health world, driven by the combination of economic, politic and scientific authorities, which have patients and citizens condemned to a secundary role still if we are talking of our health, to recover the democracy in hands of the citizens is specially important. A cooperative form of organization allow us to do it. Allow us to have a process of selfgovernance that keep the common interest as our goal.

It has been also in history, big cooperatives that became big corporate and at some point stopped to serve the genuine needs of their members as first priority.

Thats why is very important to use the digital tools to make possible direct participation of the members, specially when we growth.

The decentralized applications (Dapp) that we are developing will serve for this.

Another reason is the economic one. As a cooperative we are all consumers in order to adquire I distribute the healthy supplements we want to use. We have the same goal. To get the best quality products at the best price, avoiding intermediaries, and unneded charge. We could need to agregate capital together in order to take stock and get better prices. Consumers cooperatives have a historic background of experience since XIX century and to join this long term experience with Immunes Health is the right thing to do.

A legal reason is related to the previous one. The internal space of a cooperative is private related the commercial laws of a country. This means that between the members of a cooperative we can share products without the need o have the licenses associated to this products. Thats why for example exists cooperatives that offers financial services only to their members without holding a bank license.

At Immunes health we purchase and distribute between our members just over the counter safe healthy supplements that dont need a prescription and therefore we dont need a license to adquire them, but still we could need in some cases to keep more strict packaging procedures to sell them to the public, which is something we will explore in the near future, but being a cooperative makes possible to develop our experience since the beginning , safely, serving the orders only to members.

As you could have observed the initial fee to become a member is very low. Just 10 eur.

This is because we want really that anyone can take the chance to be part of the cooperative, participating in coopfunding.net , to begin to order products and participate in all the ways possible!