Medical and scientific references

Already for SARS 2003 Quercetin was tested in the laboratory with good results

If anyone has a suspicion that Quercetin might only work for that specific coronavirus, it might be helpful to see that it has also been shown to work for viruses as diverse as influenza, Ebola, and hepatitis B:

A supercomputer investigation analyzed 8000 chemical compounds in search of an antiviral for Covid-19 and concluded that Quercetin was among the 5 most appropriate:

The same conclusions were obtained, a few weeks ago, by one of the most renowned Canadian medical researchers and his team. This was explained on Canadian television. and a radio interview: As read here:

This is how China and other countries are currently testing Quercetin in clinical trials in collaboration with the Institut de Recherques Cliniques de Montreal They could have results in early May, but this is not fast enough for thousands of people who die every day.

The ionization of Zinc to stop antiviral activity is documented, for example, here: and here:

Quercetin a Zinc ionophore like EGCG and Chloroquina

The chelation function of Quercetin, that makes it an optimal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in the context of Covid-19has been proven in the study;

Some doctors of the public health system are suggesting quercetin, vitamins C and D and zinc to their hospitals.This is the case of The medical school of Virginia in US

The protocol for hospitals in the State of Virginia (US) developed by Dr Marik, Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Eastern Virginia Medical School

Also. Dr Mobeen, medical professor in India is suggesting to medical staff quercetin, vitamins C and D and zinc  (in his case combined with hydroxychloroquine, since minute 27, and quercetin as alternative)

Also suggesting quercetin Dr Leonard from New York:

Quercetin has been tested in clinical trials for many different diseases.
For Covid-19 Is involved in a Clinical trial in France where is compared to Hydroxychloroquine

other trials involving natural products are:

There is 3 other clinical trials involving Hydroxychloroquine + C Vitamin + D vitamin + Zinc.

Among nutritionists and natural health specialists, quercetin is suggested often including the American nutrition asociation