Why Immunes Health

Since the beginning of this Coronavirus crisis, we detected the surprising lacking presence of immune guidelines and suggestions from WHO, politics and the press. 

The guidelines mentioned do not take into account that the immune capacity of our bodies to expel the virus, if it tries to infect us, is something that can be modulated by our nutrition (diet, food supplements …) and our behavior (exercising, sunbathing…). Furthermore, it does not take into account that our immune weakness as a society is an added risk factor that is leading to these unexpected rates of serious cases and deaths.
For more surprise,  no clinical trials have been conducted before to include Quercetin as an antiviral medication throughout. Despite there are plenty of in vitro trials, supercomputer indications, animal trials and user experience of their significant efficiency in many viral or microbial diseases.

Should we consider that the reason is that, as it is an unpatentable natural substance, easy to produce and to distribute, it is not in the interest of the big pharmaceutical companies to invest in it?

Gates foundation is the main influence in WHO (Directly and with Gavi Alliance that they funded). http://open.who.int/2018-19/contributors/contributor

We can’t accept that easy and natural solutions are silenced. Our human rights are being stolen, our bodies arrested at homes, our social life bankrupted and the economy of our future decades put into quarantine
At least we are happy for the climate and the biodiversity, but in the postcrisis we should work as a humanity to create a life where our health, our freedom and the health of the planet become compatible.

As a starting poing of Immunes Health we believe that the current Covid-19 crisis should lead to a broad analysis that allow the most effective natural products to be clinically tested and affordable, unpatented drugs put in service of the health system broadly.

Meanwhile and in the urgency context, products like Quercetin have an advantage: They are authorized worldwide to be distributed without a prescription as a nutritional supplement. For this reason, and given the lack of solutions,health authorities are giving it to patients presenting the initial symptoms, We share a call to use Quercetin with the more common used Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc.

It is essential to have a medicinal kit that can be used as a prophylactic for risky situations or when the first symptoms appear. It can greatly reduce symptomatic cases and their severity, and also consistently help stop the spread of SARS-CoV2 until further confinements will be deemed unnecessary which, as stated before, have heavy costs for human rights, mental health, social life and economy.

Therefore, Immunes Health is born to create a broad space of collaboration towards these current problems that have disrupted our lives.