A digital platform for selfgovernance of Health Commons Immunes Health is a citizen-empowered platform aiming for a collaboration between scientists, professionals and citizens in times of pandemic and to prepare for a healthier future. This platform is being built in the form of a collaboration, all the participants will be shareholders and will have a voice in the decision process.  the digital platform will host a collaboration space for all the participants, medical professionals or citizens, where they can share and discuss information on how to  to protect our health. This collaboration space will become a lab, to propose and develop clinical trials as Commons. At software level, the platform is based in Chromia blockchain and in the Chromunity dapp for social networks. (see below a test version in )

It is decentralized, open source, and with a big potential to cover all the technical requirements of the Social.Immunes.Health platform. This platform is stiled like  This means each topic would have a subpage and the different proposals or news related this topic will be updated there. They will be able to be commented and voted, and from there inspire new actions and decisions between the participants in the cooperative. If you have ideas or proposals to share, wait until the platform is ready and then you will get space to publish them and receive comments from other members. 

As a summary will cover the following needs of the project.:

– Space of discussion between professionals, researchers and citizens.

– Space of decision process for Immunes Health as a cooperative.

– Space of crowdfunding of researches and clinical trials

– Space for publish clinical trials and get participation between the members. Check more details about this in the following link ->