Clinical trials platform

Immunes health is working to build the first citizen empowered clinical trials platform.
Currently the process to build a clinical trial depends very much of funding coming from governments and from bigpharma industries. One of the reasons for that is the elevated costs that are used to have serious trials, which could be some or many milions of euros for a trial. Also their implementation depends usually of the hospitals involved that will ask the patients that are related to the illness that is investigated, if they want to join. There is no transparency of the economic process of clinical trials and there is not an organized participation of citizens and patients in the trials. Currently if citizens wants to participate is not possible, they dont have a voice, which is a handicap of the world of clinical trials today. As a  conclusion, clinical trials today are partial, expensive and opaque. And what is more sad still; the bad quality and the expensive cost of the medicines that the society is getting are conditioned by the weakness of clinical trials processes.

Today the drugs and medicines approved for being used in hospitals for the main illness of our times, are not the best options, considering results and safety, that humanity could count. And specially the natural compounds that we can find in food, are low represented in such trials because private funding wouldnt make big profit from them, because they are unpatentable, their big availability and easy access. This has been proof critically with the Covid-19 crisis.

The clinical trials platform that we aim to build will make possible to revolutionate the way how clinical trials are build. With this process we would like to make the patient not just a passive object of a trial, but an active subject involved in each step of it. The role on clinical trials will not be the unique of our platform. This digital platform that we are developing, will make possible the communication between citizens- both patients affected by disease or not-and independent researchers, medical professionals, laboratories in order to share and discuss scientific information, and to possibly build  up proposals about clinical trials.  We Also want to substain and help developing the researches that get more consensus in the community of members.That’s how we want to support independent scientific research. Specially, Those that share these goals of building commons for the health of humanity.

The platform will facilitate:- independent researchers to better understand the health’s needs of Specific populations and to find citizens that can join their research and clinical trials projects.- citizens to propose researchers and look for scientists interested in lead them. To become testers of the researches that fits their profiles  and partners of the researches that they want to support.

Finally, for each clinical trial and research project , accurately developed by researchers and professionals and supported by the people, we make the effort to crowdfund the expenses of the researches, to enable all important researches to be realized without depending of the money of ‘bigpharma’, but for building of Health Commons.

This platform have a potential impact to benefit whole humanity, as aims to make possible to complete researches, from the developing of scientific hypotesis until complete clinical trials, with natural compounds that are broadly accessible around the world, very cheap and easy to produce. All the results would be on open commons license, to make sure that is open to everyone without exception. 

The cover of A book about the natural products used in Clinical trials, today

Our current plan is

– Now we are presenting the project and involving more people with different expertise onboard. 

– In a few days we are going to launch a crowdfunding  to make us capable of producing and distributing Quercetin + vitamin C compounds at a cheaper price, and then sustain the platform building mainly on the distribution of such products as part of the suggested kit for Covid-19.

– In some weeks we will launch a first version of social network decentralized platform, that will be called, (already accessible when is in development)  From the beginning, any member will be able to contribute in the platform and share their ideas, proposals and self-organize…contributing to the decision process.

– From there we will continue developing the platform until is ready to support all the process to plan and support citizen empowered clinical trials.- In a long term vision, the platform could become a full management tool for running clinical trials with transparency and participation of society.