Vitamins and Minerals as human right!

Making possible the fundamental right to the basic nutrients that our health needs!

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Vitamins, minerals and the less known bioflavonoids -as quercetin-, are basic components to keep our body healthy. They all are in our food, but as consequence of the capitalist system and modern society, that is not enough to protect our health. In one sense because the quality of nutrients of our food, specially the industrial one, has went down radically in the last decades, and in other sense because the level of toxicity in the air, in industrial food products and in the waves, has increased with heavy exponencials, making our immune system to work too much spending too much nutrients to keep us healthy.

Being their deficiency too common, we learned that many of the contemporany illness included Covid-19, cant be avoided or soften, if we ensure that we dont have deficiencies in any moment of our existance.

In the moments of illness sympthoms is specially important to supplement them as our immune system is spending them in bigger ammounts to defend our body from illness.

When you feel ill, is usual that doctors and hospitals could delay too much in support you, but you can help yourself since the first day of feeling unwell, if you have with you the key supplements that you will need to recover your balance.

Having said that, Still this products that with the modern industry has become so cheap to produce, are sold in the markets like any capitalist good, with big profits for the distributors, at prices that not everyone can affoard.…In a moment of a global awareness of the importance of the health of all society, thats the time for this to change.

Immunes Health with the participation of all of you, have a say on that and wants to become the first movement that ensure that everyone in any circumstance will have the right to count with the key natural compounds to keep healthy.

We have asked manufacturers, and now we know that just for 6 eur per month, anyone can have an enough amount of all of this compounds, if we organize ourselves!

Is time to act. You can become a member and contribute monthly in exchange of the basic products. For each time that you contribute 6 eur more than your need, you will ensure that other person have the same access than you to this basic products.

So for example if you contribute with 30 eur at month, which perhaps is still less that what you are spending on that products if you buy them in a shop, you will be able to make available this products for yourself and 4 more individuals.

For make this a reality we just need as a cooperative to organize ourselves, agregatting enough people to make big orders, directly to manufacturers, avoiding middlemen, and distribute them to everyone, members and people who cant pay it. Therefore for each 6 euros

Therefore, we can distribute for 6 eur per month per person, the following products and amounts, which belongs to dose that has been broadly suggested for daily use:

*In order to make the distribution cost affordable and not a main expenses of the total, the orders will need to be at least of a minimal of 36 eur, thats it an order than can be used for one person for half a year.

** The list is the total amount served for 6 eur, to calculate the daily dose offered you have to divide for 30.5. Quercetin, C vitamin and D3 vitamin woulc come separated to adapt to your needs. The rest in a multivitamin and multimineral combination. In the future if there is the need to distribute isolated any other compounds could be considered.

*** if during the period of using the products you get ill and decide to increase the dose, it could finish faster, but it will be for a good reason, to keep you strong and healthy in the important moments!

**** We are evaluating the option to send them in powder or in tablets. Also could be the chance to let the members to choose it. Probably in tablets would have a sligthly bigger cost. (we should make the tablets ourselves from receiving bulk powder orders)

To launch we need contribution to create the Immunes health tools and small infrastructure, and at the same time to support the studies and clinical trial that will bring to the world stronger scientist proof of how the natural immune health products protect from Covid-19

Thats why, the reward with the 50 eur contribution of the crowdfunding campaign will be one month distribution of Quercetin and C Vitamin, and for 100 eur contribution it will include also all the other vitamins and minerals.

After the membership, since the second month, the prices will become the 6 eur for the total explained in this post! Join us to make it possible!

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